Crowd-mapping Intelligence now in Lombardy


Maybe you met a MindEarth mapper on the street. We have a team of mappers using our app MindEarth App to automatically capture images as they walk. Those images are collected, uploaded and anonymized, and then we get to work extracting information like the location of graffiti, potholes, traffic, and building conditions to better understand our world.

MindEarth harnesses the power of location intelligence learning directly from the public space of our cities. Our innovative crowd-based street-level photographic surveys allow the collection of anonymised, geo-tagged, time-stamped images and the extraction of data from visible features.

We’re currently testing our technology and pushing the limits of what details we can get from a regular smartphone. Our goal is to collect data on demand for cities and companies that need a complete understanding of urban environments.

We are currently mapping throughout Lombardy, Italy

We started mapping on May 28, 2024, and will continue for about 2 months

We care about your privacy. All images are first stored in a secure folder on the mapper’s phone, then anonymized when uploaded. After upload, images are automatically deleted from the phone. If you think you may be in images captured by our mapper, and want to be removed, please go to https://forms.gle/AFPQYC38k9e2NeYN8. We’ll delete your data within 30 days.