Become a MindEarth city mapper and make money walking with us!


  • Register on our page: https://mindearth.ai/mindearth-app/
  • We’ll set up your account and send a link to the app so you can download
  • Download, finalize registration and open the app
  • New users will see a special training mission nearby, for a special bonus reward! 

A MindEarth mission is a predefined walking route of about 500 meters. All you have to do is use the app to follow the path on the map. Your phone will automatically take pictures as you move.

In the app, you first reserve a mission, then go to the start point. At the start point, click start and follow the onscreen guidance. Be sure to hold the phone in front of you, facing forward so that the street is captured in the images. Check that images are in focus.

You need to complete the registration in the app by providing your paypal ID. If you don’t have a paypal account, its easy to set one up at https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/account-selection. We’ll pay you at the end of each month

Every mission is different, but the average is around 500 meters, which should take less than 10 minutes walking.

Any time that fits your schedule, but we need high quality images, so not at night and not too close to dawn or dusk. 

Yes, mobile phone locations aren’t perfect, so just walk in the right direction in a safe way.

Problems with completion happen, just do what you can (either stop or detour around), and then at the end use the “finished with a problem” option to let us know something didn’t go as expected.

Yes, you can map as many missions as you like, but you can only reserve for a mission for 8 hours, so be realistic about what you reserve

Not yet, but iOS support will come someday

Of course! The most important thing is to move at walking pace, and capture images that show the street.

No, you can just walk and hold the phone. Some users have found that a short selfie stick or stabilizer is more comfortable if doing multiple missions, but it's not necessary.

No, actions like reserving missions and doing the mission only use a small amount of data. Uploading the images uses a lot of data, but you can wait and do that on wi-fi later in the day.

We have a two step quality process. First we do some automatic checks to make sure the images are in focus and taken from the right locations. Then we do a manual check of the mission. In total, that takes about 2 business days. If we see a problem, we’ll let you know how to make it better and possibly ask you to redo it. If all is good, we’ll approve the mission and you’ll see an increase in your reward balance.

Steop, let them know what you are doing and how MindEarth uses anonymized images to map the world. They can go to Data Deletion Request for more information and to request special data deletion.

That’s ok! Our first priority is your safety. If you started the mission you can stop and use the “finished with a problem” option or delete the mission. If you didn’t start, then no problem, you can do a different mission any time. special data deletion.