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Take photos using our MindEarth App where you live, study or work, and we’ll pay you for each mission you complete!

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How it works

1. Log in

Once registered, you’ll get an email with a temporary password from us, or just use your google account! Easy!


2. Snap

Open the app and find a paid mission near you. Go to the start, begin and just follow the directions. You’ll be done in a few minutes. Upload when you are ready.


Earn Money

Take a walk on one of our missions, upload the results, and that’s it! We’ll check for quality within 48 hours, and pay you at the end of each month.




All you need is to be at least 18 years old and an Android phone. No special experience needed

Registration takes about 24 hours. We’ll be in touch with you when everything is ready.

We’ll deposit your money to the paypal account you provide during registration.

MindEarth mappers help harness the power of location intelligence by learning directly from pictures of public space in our cities. You help us by using our app to take photos of the streets where you live, study or work, and we pay you a few euros for each mission you complete!

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